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Criminal Speeding in Maine 

In Maine, driving a motor vehicle 30 miles per hour (mph) or more over the speed limit is a crime. Many drivers do not realize that driving 30 mph over the speed limit is a criminal offense, and can result in being arrested, and a criminal record. Criminal speeding is not your average speeding traffic infraction or civil ticket. What may seem like an innocent mistake can result in you going to jail, having a criminal record for life, and cause your driver’s license to be suspended.

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What is the Crime of Criminal Speed?

The Mane Law for Criminal Speed is in the Maine Criminal Code: Title 29-A section 2074.3, which establishes that it is a crime if a “person operates a motor vehicle at a speed that exceeds the maximum rate of speed by 30 miles per hour or more.” 

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How can you be charged with Criminal Speed in Maine? 

A Maine law enforcement officer can charge a driver for criminal speed by establishing:

  • the posted speed limit on the road, 

  • the actual speed the driver was going, and 

  • that the actual speed of the motor vehicle was 30 mph over the speed limit where the person was driving. 

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How is criminal speed measured by the cops?  

Maine law Title 29-A section 2075.4 describes how a motor vehicle speed can be measured. There are three ways, which include: 


A. Radar;   (Radar uses a hand-held, vehicle-mounted or static Doppler radar unit to produce velocity data about objects at a distance. It does this by bouncing a microwave signal off a desired target and analyzing how the object's motion has altered the frequency of the returned signal.)

B. An electronic device that measures speed by radiomicrowaves, laser or otherwise (this is usually a LIDAR speed gun which uses pulsed light to measure the speed of a single vehicle within traffic).


C. A device that measures, in any sequence, a selected distance traversed by a motor vehicle operated by the law enforcement officer and the time required by another motor vehicle to traverse that same distance, and computes therefrom the average speed of the other vehicle. 

(This is usually an aircraft pacing calculation).  

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Penalties and Punishments for Criminal Speeding in Maine: 

Criminal Speeding in Maine falls into the category of Class E Misdemeanors. The actual law says “that a person commits a Class E crime if that person operates a motor vehicle at a speed that exceeds the maximum rate of speed by 30 miles per hour or more.”  If convicted of a class E offense (crime), a Maine judge will use the sentencing laws for a class E misdemeanor conviction which include:


  • A maximum of 6 months of incarceration and/or

  • A maximum fine of $1,000 and/or

  • Criminal speed convictions also result in an administrative (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) license suspension of at least 30 days. 

There are many factors that will go into a judges decision on what punishment or penalties will be handed down as part of a criminal speed conviction / sentence. Those factors can include the person’s driving history, or driving record, how fast the person was going / the facts of the case, whether there were passengers in the car, and what the person has done since their arrest or date of offense. Common factors that can increase the sentence or penalties include speeding over 100 mph, and whether the driver was alleged to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.  

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Is there a Driver’s License suspension for Criminal Speeding in Maine? 

If you are convicted of criminal speeding in a Maine Court, the court will almost always report your conviction to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). When the Maine BMV learns of a criminal speeding conviction, the BMV will take administrative action and suspend your driver’s license for at least 30 days. The BMV will send you notice of the suspension to your last known address they have on file for you. A conviction for criminal speeding is also a major motor vehicle violation and can be used as a strike against you for Maine’s habitual offender revocation status that can cause your license to be revoked.

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Contact a Maine Criminal Speeding Defense Lawyer ASAP if you are charged with Criminal Speed 

A criminal speeding charge should not be taken lightly. There are long term consequences that go far beyond a fine or short jail sentence from the Court. Your drivers license, criminal record, driving record, and motor vehicle insurance are all at risk of serious consequences if you plead guilty to criminal speeding. Attorney Cameron Ellis knows what to look for, and what to do in criminal speeding cases. There are helpful steps you can take to improve your outlook at court. A criminal speeding lawyer can help you navigate the Maine legal system and assure there is as little impact to your future as possible. Taking swift steps can be critical to a good outcome, so reach out to an experienced criminal speeding lawyer and discuss your options. Do not wait to talk to a lawyer in order to learn how to control the situation as best you can, and start fighting to preserve your license, freedom, and criminal record. For more information, check out Attorney Ellis’s avvo page for many criminal speed lawyer reviews and testimonials.

Criminal Speeding Testimonials 

Criminal speed client reviews from

A debt of gratitude for an outstanding lawyer in every regard

It’s truly a happy day when your criminal case has been entirely dismissed! When we got the amazing dismissal news, Cameron Ellis wrote me: “An outright dismissal is the ideal outcome for every client I represent, so I am thrilled with this result—especially for a client with so much at stake.” The outright dismissal in my case is no fluke or accident. It is the result of this proactive lawyer and following his specifically tailored advice. I faced criminal charges that could have negatively impacted my life forever. I had to take corrective action, and thankfully the best step I took was hiring Cameron Ellis to represent me. Cameron excels at strategy and attends to a client’s unique circumstances. Investing himself in my process through the criminal justice system, he gave me sparkling clear instructions, and answered all my questions in ways that protected me. I owe him a debt of gratitude. His approach has made a distinctly positive difference in the quality of my life going forward. I am glad to be among the people who say that to be in the best of hands is to have Cameron Ellis look after you and support you – an outstanding lawyer in every regard.

Crime dismissed

I was charged with a crime. I hired Cameron Ellis and he was able to get my charges dismissed. Such a great attorney. Very competent and efficient and got the job done. Life is great thanks to Cameron Ellis. I would highly recommend Cameron Ellis if you need competent representation that results in a dismissal. I will always feel a debt of gratitude for his professional, unique, caring personal touch in getting my case dismissed. Thank you Cameron.

Criminal speeding ticket

I was worried about my future and was at risk of a really long license suspension and hefty fines, but with Camerons help my case was dismissed outright! He is a very understanding and nice person and the best lawyer if you ever get a speeding ticket!

Cameron will forever have our thanks

I contacted Cameron Ellis when my son, who had just turned 17 and just had is license less than 6 months, made a poor error in judgement, both speeding and then not stopping immediately due to panicking about losing his license. The resulting ticket, criminal speed and felony evasion was something that he and I were willing to work with as he accepted the consequences of his own actions. He was understanding that he would likely lose his license and probably face some heavy fines. I contacted Cameron to see if we could at least knock it down to a misdemeanor as he was very young and a felony seemed a little heavy handed for a kid with no history of law breaking behavior and in fact quite the opposite. Once retained, Cameron set him to work on a list of items to support his defense, and demonstrate that my son has learned from his experience and more importantly made the appropriate amends. My son completed nearly all the items suggested by Cameron. We had been waiting this week with much anxiety to head to court. We have had to consider all avenues for a kiddo heading to college and having to get to work, and how we would swing it all. Cameron contacted us yesterday, and the news was more than we ever expected or could have even hoped for. As I said before, we were well prepared to accept the consequences that were coming and expected. But because of Cameron's diligence in getting my son to complete and send in the items that would support his case, my son's ticket, 2 counts were dismissed entirely! That isn't to say the boy doesn't have any consequences entirely...he still needs to pay mom for Cameron's services ;-) But, he's learned a valuable and expensive lesson, and will now be able to continue to get to work, and college without it being a hardship. I can not thank Cameron enough. I highly recommend his services!

Effective, Efficient, Excellent! Criminal Speeding Charge

We are forever grateful for Attorney Cameron Ellis' handling of my spouse's criminal speeding case. After a momentary lapse in judgement, my spouse found himself facing a serious speeding charge - in his line of work as well as in his community service work, the consequences of a conviction would have been severe, including risks to his professional license and employability. Facing losing everything we have worked so hard to build was terrifying. We found Attorney Ellis the very next day and he was able to provide much needed perspective in a reassuring manner, guide us both through what to expect, and have my spouse prepare in order to have the greatest chance of success in negotiating a reduction in charges. Attorney Ellis was able to use his expertise in handling criminal speeding cases to negotiate a complete and total dismissal of the charge - we could not have even hoped for such a positive outcome! Throughout the entire time we worked together on this case, Attorney Ellis was always available for updates, a quick pep talk, and kept us informed the entire time. We could not have gotten through this without his wise counsel - you absolutely cannot go wrong with Attorney Ellis in your corner.

Criminal Speeding- Knowledgeable and Professional

Generally, I find review sites to be BS, however, Attorney Ellis's reviews paint an accurate picture what you'll get. Out of all the Attorneys I initially consulted to review my case, he was most responsive, knowledgable and straight to the point. Over the phone he was able to quickly identify more about the whereabouts in which I received my ticket (more than other Lawyers I consulted with). His prices were fair as well. After deciding to work with him, his instructions on what I had to do were straightforward and following them helped get my criminal speeding ticket reduced to a civil ticket. I would recommend working with Attorney Ellis in a heartbeat (although I never hope I'd need to). Thank you Attorney Ellis!

Criminal speeding

I was clocked at 117 mph in 70 mph zone and was charged with criminal speeding. Cameron helped me downgrade the charge to speeding ticket at 99 mph without going to trial. I am extremely happy with the outcome and highly recommend Cameron for his services.


Cameron is an outstanding attorney. I called Cameron in a panic, he was very professional and didn’t judge me. He took the time to understand my situation. And, provided a very specific step by step plan, which was executed flawlessly and resulted in a dismissal. Cameron saved my career which would have significantly impacted my life.

Criminal Speeding Reduced to Civil Fine

Phenomenal! Cameron was concise and to the point with what I needed to accomplish before a court date. I followed his instructions to the letter. When our day in court arrived he met me early and explained possible outcomes. He had already emailed the district attorney ahead of time about our case. We walked in, I stood as attendance was called, then waited outside the court room for fifteen minutes while Cameron met with the district attorney. He came out and told me I had the best possible outcome. Magic! Super efficient. Worth every penny.

Phenomenal job!

I got into a criminal speed situation and as an out of stater it was clear it would be a challenging case. I spent a ton of time trying to find a lawyer who would work my case and after speaking with Cameron I knew immediately he was the right person! The process was daunting, but Cameron was there step by step and laid out everything I would need to ensure getting the right result we were looking for. If you ever get into some trouble always seek advise from a lawyer. I cannot thank Cameron and his team enough for their hard work and guidance in this extremely difficult situation. Cameron is an amazing lawyer who takes his time to listen to the situation, doesn’t judge, and provides a clear defined process on how to overcome the challenge ahead. I am truly thankful, and if you find yourself in need of service you have found a gem!

All you could ask from a lawyer

Cameron Ellis helped me get my criminal speeding ticket dropped to a civil ticket. The whole process was daunting at first, but after hiring him on as my lawyer, he made it all seem more understandable. He was always easily reachable when I had questions regarding my case, and he also balanced the professionalism of being a lawyer with still being personable in his explanations. I've had lawyers in the past that have jusr made things way more confusing, but not Cameron. He made my situation easily understandable for me, and set out simple steps for me to help get the best outcome for my case. I could not be happier with my choice for a lawyer!

Thank you Cameron

Thank you Cameron for all of your assistance. You made this whole process easy , you were very professional and informative. Working with Cameron, I was able to get my criminal speeding charge dropped down to a civil ticket and a fine. Losing my license would drastically affect my job and you made sure that we got the outcome I was looking for. I would highly recommend his services to any one in need.

Clear, efficient


Let me start off by saying that I 100% would recommended Cameron T. Ellis. As a career person who's job and security clearance was in jeopardy over a criminal speeding ticket which I got while I was in town on business (I did not know about criminal speeding and yes, it's much more serious than that of an speeding ticket even though it is acquired the same way you get a speeding ticket), Cameron made me felt comfortable in his approach and his handling of the matter without me being present in the state and when the time came for him to show his worth, he did not disappoint. My criminal speeding ticket was reduced to a minor traffic violation and a very small fine, which is far from time in jail and a large fine, which would result in having a criminal record. I live in another state and for him to take on and handle my case without ever meeting him or ever having to show up for court even when I was summoned to, and get the results that he did, is nothing short of amazing. My suggestion to anyone is that to make sure that you follow his instructions and complete whatever tasks he assigns to you.


None. I really don't have anything in this matter as Cameron T. Ellis is a great lawyer.

Maine Criminal Speeding Ticket - 2018

My wife and I retained the services of Attorney Cameron Ellis, Esq. to aid our son with a Criminal speeding ticket he received in the state of Maine. Criminal speeding in Maine is 30 M.P.H. over the posted speed limit with very harsh penalties. Attorney Ellis was able to negotiate a deal with the D.A. and get it knocked down to a regular speeding ticket resulting in a fine only. The deal was reached before our son had to go to his court hearing that day. That alone released all the stress of having to go through a hearing in Maine District Court. Attorney Ellis was very easy to communicate with and very reassuring. Through out the whole ordeal he explained every procedure to us in depth. We would like to thank Attorney Ellis again for his services. We would highly recommend Attorney Ellis as your representation.

Cameron is great!

I was charged with a crime and if convicted I would have lost my job, my security clearance, and literally ruined my career. Cam made sure my charge was dismissed. I was out to sea most of the case so he handled everything for me.

Would 100% recommend.

Cameron represented me in court for a traffic related misdemeanor. I do not live in Maine, and I was going to be on vacation for my court date. He was extremely professional, attentive and detailed. He went to court for me and got the charges dismissed. I never had to come back up to Maine to resolve this issue or step foot in court. Best of all my vacation to the West Coast was not impacted. I am very happy with the result and his representation and would recommend him to anyone looking for legal services in Southern Maine.

A Lawyer Who Cares

If you want a lawyer that will take a hands on approach, prepare for any situation, and communicate with you nearly immediately, hire Cam Ellis. Cam got down to business the day I hired him, and we emailed probably a hundred times getting organized and prepared for my court dates. With Cam’s help, my charge is dismissed, and I won’t have a criminal record. Cam made the process smooth and always answered all my questions. I can tell he really cares about his clients, and fights hard for justice.

Highly recommend

Attorney Ellis did an amazing job handling my case, got it taken care of quicker than I thought possible. When I got the call from him that my charges were dropped, I was so surprised. Highly recommend this attorney, very cool guy, easy to talk to and gets straight to the point

Criminal Speeding

Cameron was truly amazing! He was straightforward, listened very carefully and discussed to come up with the best game plan. This worked and we won! I will never forget this experience and what he did for me.

Criminal Speeding

I had a phenomenal experience with Mr. Ellis. With Mr. Ellis' help, I avoided a criminal record, kept my job, and my license. Mr. Ellis was very easy to contact and was very personable. We had a great professional relationship. The fact that my case was dismissed is a huge deal, and I can't stress enough how thankful I am to have worked with such a great attorney. I would like to thank attorney Ellis for taking on my case, getting it dismissed, and being professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a criminal attorney.

Very pleased client!!!

I'll keep this short and sweet. I hired attorney Ellis for a criminal speeding violation and he was phenomenal! I'm so thankful for all his hard work. He has a very high efficiency level and great client communication! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his service!

Don't be fooled by his youthful appearance! He has what it takes!

I Hired attorney Cameron Ellis after I was arrested for criminal speeding. Attorney Ellis went over everything in the free consultation, which took about an hour. He answered all my questions, we worked together well ( he was really easy to get along with and always understanding), and always promptly responded to emails or phone calls. Attorney Ellis was confident he could get the charge dismissed, he was able to get my charge of criminal speeding dismissed on the FIRST COURT DATE! I have plans to start my own business in the very near future, and attorney Ellis helped me avoid a criminal record, losing my license and potentially my job! Thank you Attorney Cameron Ellis!

Smooth Sailing Case

I hired Cameron Ellis as my attorney because I was charged with criminal speeding. From the start, he had a plan on how to approach the charge. I followed the checklist he had prepared and everything went super smooth. The only stress I had during the entire process was the fact I was studying my boards during the same time. He was very accessible through email and phone. He knew who I was every time I called and what my case was about. He constantly gave me updates as to what I needed to do and provided reassurance when the stress got to be a bit much. My case eventually got dismissed from the first court date without me even showing up. He is very easy to talk to and very understanding. Definitely an amazing lawyer!

Criminal Speeding

Back in December of 2015 I was pulled over for Criminal Speed 122 in a 70mph zone! I met with Cam following this stop a few days later! We were expecting me to not only have to pay a huge fine but also have my lisemce revoked for a while as well! The first court date came and the state of Maine wanted a $500 fine 30 day suspension and 10 days + in jail. Cam led me in the right direction and was very diligent in his work and communications with me as we neared the sentencing date. My money was well worth spent on hiring him as my lawyer! When all was said and done I ended up getting the criminal speeding tossed and also had no fines to pay! His work helped me not only keep me out of jail and on the road but also saved my job! I can't thank Cameron Ellis enough for his hard work and caring nature when it came to this case! He had me do everything possible to lighten then sentence I was facing and got the outcome we wanted! If I was ever in another spot like I was before I wouldn't hesitate to contact Cameron! Great lawyer but also a very good, honest and hard working man! Great job again and thank you very much!

Best Possible Outcome!

I was an undergraduate college student faced with a criminal charge. I was worried that this charge would effect my ability to graduate and go on to graduate school to receive a doctoral degree. I met with Cameron Ellis, Esq. and discussed my options on how to handle the case. Together we developed a game plan and upon my strict following of his instructions we were able to have my case dismissed completely! This was a huge relief for me because it meant that this charge would not be affecting my future schooling or career opportunities. Att. Ellis was always very friendly and easy to work with. He was always very prompt in communicating with me even outside of his normal working hours. I would highly recommend Cameron Ellis, Esq..

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Additional Reivews

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