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Protection from Abuse / Harassment / Restraining Orders

Reviewing Legal Agreement

Plaintiff (person requesting protection) representation: 

If you have experienced abuse or threats of domestic violence, or are being harassed, you can count on compassionate and zealous representation from the Law Offices of Cameron T. Ellis. We can help you navigate the PFA / PFH complaint process, and help get your the protection you need.

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Defending Protection from Abuse or Harassment case: 

As a criminal defense firm, we usually represent defendant’s or those charged with protection orders against them. Whether the order was filed against you for a legitimate reason, was done in spite, or if the allegations of abuse or harassment are completely false, Attorney Ellis has the experience to defend you to the best resolution possible. There are unique ways to defend against PFAs and after representing dozens of people charged with unnecessary PFAs filed against them, we have learned what works to fight in a very pro-plaintiff area of law. Every PFA or PFH case has so much going on behind what is alleged in the order against you. Speak with a lawyer who will take the time to understand the unique dynamics of the relationship or events that lead up to the order being filed. Those behind the scenes facts are what will matter when strategizing your defense in negotiation and at trial. 

Due to the rapid fire, quick court dates in these cases, it is critical to get help from an a lawyer who is experienced in PFA or PFH defense in order to have your rights protected and get the support and defense you need during these stressful times.

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Why you should contact a PFA / PFH lawyer if served with a temporary order: 

If a temporary order for protection was placed against you, there is a lot at stake and a short window to stand up and fight to avoid serious consequences. You could lose your right to use and possess firearms/ammunition, and your ability to talk to family members, or even be around your children. Both temporary and final PFA and PFH orders can also result in criminal violations of the order, with minor or technical violations leading to criminal charges that will cause you to be thrown in jail for the very first violation. 

PFA Testimonials 

 PFA client reviews from

The man you need on your side

Having bogus pfa orders filed out of spite required retaining a competent attorney to protect my 2nd amendment rights and business, reached out and hired Mr Ellis, the stuff I was facing required someone willing to do the work to protect my rights and reputation. I feel bad with everything he had to deal with because of the unnecessary drama dealing with the case, he worked his butt off to keep any of the bogus charges off of me and I can never in a lifetime repay him for everything he did. Be honest with him, be patient and give him your trust, I hope the circumstances in everything we went through also taught him a little more of what mental illness is capable of when you are facing false charges. 100% recommend and trust Cameron to have my back if ever needed again. Thank you Attorney Ellis, Paul

PFA dismissed

I found Cameron Ellis just days before my court date. He was willing to jump right in and get all the info he needed to best represent my case in a short amount of time. I am so grateful for his passion, dedication, and professionalism. With his help, my PFA was dismissed and I am forever grateful of that!

PFA Dismissed

When my family crisis hit, we were all spun. With the help from Cameron Ellis and his wonderful team, we got clarity, and the best possible results in court. 

I cant say enough about the high quality, personal approach that Cameron offered. Hire Cameron 

To help with your legal crisis and you will get excellent representation and likely a desired result! 

Thank you Cameron and team!!!

Best lawyer I've ever worked this

Cameron was a pleasure to work with! He was very responsive and spent a lot of time and effort on my case. I felt well supported throughout the experience. He was able to answer all my questions and got me exactly what I wanted! 10/10 would recommend Cameron to anyone in need.

Great attorney, great job

I hired Cameron to help me out with a Protection from Abuse (PFA) case brought against me. I didn’t have a ton of money for an attorney, but Cameron put me on a payment plan to help get him fighting for me immediately. And fight for me he did! Cameron was extremely prepared at the trial date and worked out a clever way to get the PFA completely dismissed. After the PFA I hired him to represent me in a divorce case. I had gone to the first divorce court date alone and I got railroaded. But with Cameron on my side, the tides turned and we were able to work out a very favorable resolution. I would be in a terrible situation without his help. With his help, my legal troubles are behind me and I have a new fresh start. Definitely hire Attorney Cameron Ellis!

Don't hesistate to hire!

After researching and interviewing several attorneys in Maine, I chose Cameron Ellis. The free consultation was a little over an hour and Cameron answered all of my questions honestly and with sincere compassion. It was difficult to find an attorney that I could trust (especially being out of state). I was served a PFA...this meant that I was guilty until proven innocent. Cameron went out of his way to help me prove that I was not the person the PFA made me out to be. The PFA was carried into another state and Cameron helped another attorney with case prep work, at no charge. Because of Cameron, the charges were dropped. Cameron is dedicated to his clients and will go the extra mile to help in anyway he can! Don't hesitate to hire!

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Additional Reivews

Attorney Ellis has over 100 reviews on Avvo with a 5 star rating. Use the link below to continue reading how he has helped his clients throughout his career.

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