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Reviews from Past Clients

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Criminal Speeding Reduced to Civil Fine

Phenomenal! Cameron was concise and to the point with what I needed to accomplish before a court date. I followed his instructions to the letter. When our day in court arrived he met me early and explained possible outcomes. He had already emailed the district attorney ahead of time about our case. We walked in, I stood as attendance was called, then waited outside the court room for fifteen minutes while Cameron met with the district attorney. He came out and told me I had the best possible outcome. Magic! Super efficient. Worth every penny.

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Clear, efficient

PROS: Let me start off by saying that I 100% would recommended Cameron T. Ellis. As a career person who's job and security clearance was in jeopardy over a criminal speeding ticket which I got while I was in town on business (I did not know about criminal speeding and yes, it's much more serious than that of an speeding ticket even though it is acquired the same way you get a speeding ticket), Cameron made me felt comfortable in his approach and his handling of the matter without me being present in the state and when the time came for him to show his worth, he did not disappoint. My criminal speeding ticket was reduced to a minor traffic violation and a very small fine, which is far from time in jail and a large fine, which would result in having a criminal record. I live in another state and for him to take on and handle my case without ever meeting him or ever having to show up for court even when I was summoned to, and get the results that he did, is nothing short of amazing. My suggestion to anyone is that to make sure that you follow his instructions and complete whatever tasks he assigns to you.

Cons: None. I really don't have anything in this matter as Cameron T. Ellis is a great lawyer.

Signing a Contract

Big time help!

I had been charged with Misuse of Identification and Theft of Lost or Mislaid property. Not only was I facing hefty fines, but the state also wanted me to go to jail. Cameron was quick to help with an option that in the end helped me NOT get ANY jail time, and was avid to take me through the steps to keep me from conviction. I thank Cameron as if I had not hired him, my life would be different. Let this lawyer help you!

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Got my domestic violence charge dropped!!

Cameron believed I was innocent and listened to everything I had to say. He fought hard for my freedom. Cameron got my domestic violence charge dropped!! I highly recommend Cameron Ellis.


Judge's Gavel on Books

PFA Dismissed

When my family crisis hit, we were all spun. With the help from Cameron Ellis and his wonderful team, we got clarity, and the best possible results in court. I cant say enough about the high quality, personal approach that Cameron offered. Hire Cameron To help with your legal crisis and you will get excellent representation and likely a desired result! Thank you Cameron and team!!!


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Best lawyer I've ever worked this

Cameron was a pleasure to work with! He was very responsive and spent a lot of time and effort on my case. I felt well supported throughout the experience. He was able to answer all my questions and got me exactly what I wanted! 10/10 would recommend Cameron to anyone in need.


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Thank You

I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to be appointed to my case. He was professional, kind and went out of his way to keep in contact throughout the process until my case was dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone and consider myself lucky to have had him on my side.


Judges Examining Document

All you could ask from a lawyer

Cameron Ellis helped me get my criminal speeding ticket dropped to a civil ticket. The whole process was daunting at first, but after hiring him on as my lawyer, he made it all seem more understandable. He was always easily reachable when I had questions regarding my case, and he also balanced the professionalism of being a lawyer with still being personable in his explanations. I've had lawyers in the past that have jusr made things way more confusing, but not Cameron. He made my situation easily understandable for me, and set out simple steps for me to help get the best outcome for my case. I could not be happier with my choice for a lawyer!


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Excellence is an understatement

Cameron was amazing in his services in dismissing my domestic violence case. Glad to have a great lawyer to rely on!


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Transparency, safety, and trust

We all know the feeling of calling the lawyer's office to make an appointment and stepping into the office. We are filled with shame and regret. We know we should've done better, but it's time to do something about it and perhaps present the context of what has happened. We aren't thinking clearly. I know I wasn't. I was filled regret and I had no idea how to proceed.

Cameron stood by me, figuratively speaking, to do all the hard work of clear thinking. He made me feel safe while I was figuring out what has happened. He guided through the process of figuring out the context of my situation and how I could present it to the DA and the judge. The longer I worked with him, the more I felt that he's really helping me, rather than simply to build his resume.

If you want someone who you can trust, and someone who wouldn't shame you for what you did, Cameron is the one you should really consider working with.


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An understatement of the experience I had with Cameron Ellis

I couldn't imagine where I'd be without Cameron Ellis representing me. I had two cases that I had to face that could have really affected my life in a negative way. Cameron was transparent with everything, he explained every possible outcome and made sure that we achieved the one that I wanted. He was not only able to suppress my cases, but he was able to get the court to dismiss them both. He researched every little detail that got me in the position I was in and explained my side of the story to the court in a justifiable way. I highly recommend Cameron Ellis as he will walk you through the entire case, he stuck by my side for almost a year and we came out with the best possible outcome.


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With gratitude, thank you!

Let me start with, I wholeheartedly recommend Cameron T. Ellis, Esq. to anyone in need of an attorney. As a senior, I have never had any dealings with the court system. I was very scared and intimidated at just the thought of it. I googled lawyers in southern Maine and was most fortunate to have called Mr. Ellis. The first time I met with Cameron, I was extremely nervous. My career and my reputation were in jeopardy. He immediately put me at ease. I felt no judgement, only compassion. With his help, my case was dismissed and my clean record preserved. Cameron, (as well as his staff), was always helpful and quick to get back to me via phone, text and/or email. If you find yourself in need of an attorney, do not hesitate to contact his office. I am confident that you will not regret your decision.


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Phenomenal job!

I got into a criminal speed situation and as an out of stater it was clear it would be a challenging case. I spent a ton of time trying to find a lawyer who would work my case and after speaking with Cameron I knew immediately he was the right person! The process was daunting, but Cameron was there step by step and laid out everything I would need to ensure getting the right result we were looking for. If you ever get into some trouble always seek advise from a lawyer. I cannot thank Cameron and his team enough for their hard work and guidance in this extremely difficult situation. Cameron is an amazing lawyer who takes his time to listen to the situation, doesn’t judge, and provides a clear defined process on how to overcome the challenge ahead. I am truly thankful, and if you find yourself in need of service you have found a gem!


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Wonderful Lawyer!

Cameron is the first lawyer I have ever hired and I'm so glad I did. It's tremendously empowering to have a guy like this at your side. A very friendly, personable and caring lawyer!

-Jeffrey H.

Legal Consultant

Outstanding work

I was charged with a crime, that was a misunderstanding and did not warrant criminal charges. Attorney Cameron T. Ellis, Esq. truly believed me and he agreed the case needed to be dismissed and that through hard work, and determination, he was able to convince the DA that I should not be convicted.



Mr. Ellis is a true professional

If you find yourself dealing with the court system things can be very intimidating and often it feels as if no one is in your corner. The first time I met with Mr. Ellis it became clear he is the attorney you hope to have on your side. He is professional and fair while maintaining kindness and encouragement. I am very grateful for his level of commitment and will recommend any time given the chance!


Witness In Courtroom

Very helpful!

I was charged with a felony and with Attorney Ellis's plan of attack it will all be dismissed. He is always willing to listen and will work with you when you hit any bump in the road. He can be reached in a timely manner and made this whole case 100% less stressful for myself. I would recommend him to anyone that's in need of an attorney!


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Cameron Ellis is by far the most dedicated attorney I have ever met.
His professionalism and his mannerisms are by far going to get him a long way.
He's honest, persistent and to the point.
I highly recommend Cameron. He worked patiently with with me to answer all my questions and returned emails and phone calls promptly.
My case was dismissed without question.


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Thank you

I was recently charged with a crime for the first time in my life. I honestly did not know what to do next. From my first meeting with Cameron Ellis I knew I made the right choice hiring him. We worked together to come up with a plan and he was open and honest with me about next steps. He always responded to my many emails with questions or concerns within 1 day. I was able to get the best possible outcome on my case and I know if it weren't for him that would not have been the result. I will be forever grateful and recommend his services 100%!


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Exceptional Representation - Innocence Proven!

The best decision I made was hiring Cameron T. Ellis to represent me. I was being accused of a crime that I did not commit. I was innocent, and Cameron truly believed in me. We agreed the only outcome for the case was a dismissal. Cameron quickly made contact with all parties, communicated extremely timely throughout the whole process with me, and was able to help me at anytime with questions. Cameron is extremely knowledgeable and a wealth of information to stand behind you and guide you through these types of processes to get the best outcome for you. Through tons of hard work, determination, and special meetings with the DA, Cameron was able to convince the DA I was innocent! He did all of this without having a dispositional conference or a trial! I would highly recommend Cameron T. Ellis! Thank you for everything, Cameron!


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